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Please note:

  • To submit an application, select the option "New Application" first and then the Institution Name. Enter the applicant's First Name, Date of Birth and Communication e-mail ID. Click "Proceed" to initiate the form. The details given as above cannot be edited thereafter.

  • To continue, make entries as required, following the instructions. Take note of the Application reference number for any future use.

  • To search and edit/update an application initiated/submitted earlier, select the option "Search Application" first. The application can be searched using the Application Reference Number provided to the applicant at the time of submission. If this is not available, after selecting the Institution, enter the applicant's First Name, Date of Birth and Communication e-mail ID. Click "Proceed" to display the basic details of the submitted form and proceed the same way as it was done initially. Details entered earlier will be displayed, these can be edited/updated except basic details like Name, DOB and e-mail ID.

  • Fields marked in Red are mandatory. In case the field is NOT applicable to the applicant or the category of the applicant, enter "NA" to proceed.

  • It is suggested to keep all information including Education details, Experience details and at least one reference person's details ready before initiating a new application.

  • Uploading the photograph: Keep the photograph as a .jpg or .png file ready before you start.

  • The maximum allowed size of the image file(photograph) is 2 MB.

  • When an old application is edited/updated, the photograph need to be uploaded again. This will replace the earlier photograph submitted.